MONDAY: chest - calves


WEDNESDAY: shoulders

THURSDAY: rest (forearms, calves, abs, cardio)

FRIDAY morning: hamstrings
FRIDAY evening: quads

SATURDAY: bicep, triceps

SUNDAY: rest

Off-season, I do 3 x30 minutes cardio a week.
My cardio is on an empty stomach, because that gives me the best results. I go up to 1 hour every morning, 6 times a week. On leg day, I skip the cardio before training.
16 weeks before the contest, I start my diet and increase my cardio to maximum 5 times, 60 min a week.

I train very heavy, and do 3 sets per exercise. I train as heavy as possible, but always very strict.
3 sets from 12 - 8 reps, and 2 assisted reps. for some muscle groups I do 3 different exercises, and for big body parts I do 5 exercises.
I always warm up very good the muscles, with push down, dumbbell curl, lat pulley and fly machine. Then I start training the muscle of that day